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Goliam Manastir -


Goliam Manastir is a village situated in the southeastern part of Bulgaria near Manastir eminence. Although the eminence is not so height (the highest point is Kaleto 600 m) it makes an illusion of the high tops. The eminence looks like an island in the middle of lowland surrounded with fields, meadows and artificial lakes. There is a beautiful view to the nearest mountains. If it is clear, without clouds, you can see Turkey territory outlying more than 50 miles. The top of the eminence Kaleto is called from the local people Vulkana which means volcano. There are scientific suggestions for the geologic history. Some scientists think that Manastir eminence was an island with volcanic activity. Near the top there is a Hole, and the local people say (its a legend) that it is the remaining of Volcano crater. The eminence is covered of big stones and forest. It gives excellent possibilities for hunting and walk. The village, Goliam Manastir has a road connections with nearest villages General Toshevo, Malak Manastir, Krumovo. There are also roads to the nearest cities 20 km Topolovgrad, and 40 km Yambol. On the other side of the Manastir eminence is situated iron-ore deposit near Krumovo village. In the 1992 year they stopped exploration and mining of iron-ore because of lack and low profits. There was also marble deposit near Goliam Manastori with high quality. The marble exploration is also closed but it was used for the modern view of many cities in the country.


Because of the strategic position at the foot of Manastir eminence there are suggestions that there was build defence system. Today there is only small part of it at the top. Until 1900 year there is no information for the village. Remains only legends from the local people.
1. From roman times there is information for a big city called Dodopara near eminence.
2. There was found on the top a pot with a hundred silver pieces from the ruler Lizimah.
3. There is a basement under the castle wall full of gold.
At the beginning of 20 century the village is a part of Bulgaria territory. The main part of the population was Greek. It starts a migration wave to Greece. They sell their land to Bulgarian peoples which come from Greece and White Sea coast. The name Goliam Manastir means big monastery comes from a church (right now there are only walls) between eminences tops. There are a lot of community buildings like School (not working), childrens garden (not working), community center with library and cinema. The main part of population migrates to the big cities but the village still remains a favorite place for resting in peace and quiet.

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